Etusivu I Jäsenille I Jäsenasiat I Membership benefits

Your membership in the Finnish Aeronautical Association (FAA) gives you the following significant benefits:

ILMAILU magazine which gives you a good all-round view of today's aviation (but only in Finnish). Plain subscription without membership benefit costs 60 euros per year. The price of single copy is 7,00 euros. Membership fee includes magazine's subscription

Accident insurance valid not only in the Association's aviation sports but also in training and competition (Pohjola insurance number 21893. Indemnities: medical coverage up to 8 500 euros, disability up to 30 000 euros and death up to 8 500 euros

Third party liability insurance for parachutists, hang glider and paraglider pilots and aircraft modellers (part of the Pohjola's and SLU's Tuplaturva-insurance, insurance number 12-1050-9373-1. The insurance is valid when the member has paid the yearly membership fee of FAA. It is valid also in competitions. Maximum indemnity is one million euros and deductible is 500 euros

Broad spectrum of special courses organized by the FAA's training institute, Suomen urheiluilmailuopisto

Opportunity to participate in an extensive system of training camps and competitions

Free certificates for parachutists and hang glider and paraglider pilots as well as free registering of new hang- and paragliders

Discount of parking fees in Lentoparkki Oy at Helsinki-Vantaa airport

And remember: behind all this lies the vast organization formed by the FAA's different air sport committees' members looking after your interests with their experience and know-how.

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